As stated in the About Us tab this website is only run by one person. So this page is really just for me at the moment. Sorry to seem a little selfish.

Jacob Skowronek

CEO, Founder

Currently working as an Audio-Visual Technician, and working on this website on the side. I have previously worked as a mechanic for 2 years and have been working on cars since my dad started forcing me to do so back when I was a teenager (which isn't a bad thing). I also grew up playing many video games, which lead me to build and tinker with many computers and different electronics. I still juggle around with all these hobbies but on top of that with this website, I'm learning how to code in HTML and SEO skills.

You may have noticed that all the skills listed above coincide with the main focus of this website. And you would be right! I tried to focus on topics that I actually knew what I was talking about, so as to not give any false info or bad advice.